Odyssey Update

 In Odyssey of the Mind

Greetings Odyssey,

Can you believe there are only a couple weeks left of school?  Home Instruction is just flying by!  Please be sure to pop in to your Google Classrooms and use this time to increase your grades before the end of the year.  : -)

This Week’s Expectations:

**High School – I am sorry, with the “Shelter in Place” extended until the 15th, we are unable to gather to produce a new video for the World Competition. Instead, I will upload your regional videos and see what happens. : -)

Odyssey Challenge 6 – Obstacle Course
For this week’s challenge, I challenge you to create an obstacle course that stretches your muscles as well as you mind.  Your course may be outdoors, indoors, or in your pool.  Using recyclable materials, Legos, Lincoln Logs, or any item currently in your home, design a build an obstacle course that performs the following tasks.


  • Must require you to jump over 3 different objects.
  • Must require you to go/crawl under 3 different objects.
  • Must require you to hit a bullseye from at least 3 feet away, the bullseye then triggers an action.
  • A mental challenge must occur at each obstacle, this challenge can be trivia, creative thinking, or anything that stretches the mind.

BONUS POINTS – For each family member that attempts your obstacle course. : -)

Due Wednesday: (20 pts)

  • Brainstorm your list of materials and doodle out or describe your design process.

Due Friday: (30 pts)

  • Give a video tour of your structure. Upload the video to your Google Drive and submit the sharable link for credit. If your video is small enough, you can turn it in directly to the Google Classroom assignment.

Stay safe and stay home!  : -)


Michelle Tischer, M.Ed.
Academic Achievement Coordinator, Odyssey Coach