Chemistry Update

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Greetings Chemistry,

I hope you are all ready for hot weather, it looks like our summer heat is right around the corner. : -)

This Week’s Expectations:

Please log into to access this week’s assignments. The expectation is to complete the assignments listed below by their due dates. Assignments and due dates are posted within CK12 to help you stay on pace.  The weekly project is located in the Google Classroom.

CK12 Assignments:

  • 10.1 Avogadro’s Number
  • 13.1 Kinetic Molecular Theory
  • 13.2 Gas Pressure
  • 13.3 Atmospheric Pressure


  • Activity Choice Menu (Due Friday)

Check out my weekly video!  : -)

Stay safe and wash those hands!

Michelle Tischer, M.Ed.
Academic Achievement Coordinator, Chemistry